Founded in 1997

The CTI S.r.l., Technical Industrial Consulting, was founded in 1997 and has its registered office in Rome; the head office, its own property, is located in Italy, in the city of Taranto.

CTI International sro based in Slovakia

The C.T.I. also owns the company CTI International sro in Slovakia based in the city of NITRA, where for years we follow the nuclear power plants of Enel Slovakia, both for the same Slovak company and for Enel Italia.

Long-term synergies

Our capabilities allow us, in synergy with our Clients, to operate with our organization, which is more elastic and faster than larger companies, for all the needs concerning the country and abroad, from medium to long term activities, even with the creation of possible targeted branches and, were needed, agreements with resident companies and/or staff, where it is imposed the use of professionals with local nationality, in order to operate professionally and with obvious economic advantages, for any requirement of the Client.