A CTI trademark

Thanks to our strong experience as supervisor in different activities for the quality checking and the maintenance of tools and machinery we are able to find out technical solutions to damages on metal structures caused by physical/chemical attacks.

Our staff has been the first in Italy to develop a particular procedure for the application of metallic lining on machinery and single parts and thanks to our procedure the results are long lasting.

The application of these procedures on different plant DESOX, DENOX and on the smokestacks of electrical plants has produced extremely good results.

Wall Papering, CTI trademark, has been defined the best coating practice, using alloys high resistant to the corrosion.

Global service

CTI srl offers solutions to different problems thanks to the following global services:

1. Supplying engineering, projecting and assembling 2. Checking and qualifying welding processes 3. Training and qualification of welders 4. Assistance during performance phases 5. Inspection and testing during and after the construction