Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Welding Inspection, Inspection and Testing, Safety Management

Technical consulting services for EPC

Since a decade CTI srl is market leader in technical consulting services for EPC companies about "TURNKEY" supply in particular about energy production, steel and petrochemical industry- On behalf of public authorities we carry out important assignments as supervision, monitoring, specialized testing and controlling in welding where it is compulsory to follow the law in force prescriptions and the committee's requests.

Inspection activity

Thanks to his strong experience CTI srl is well reliable as inspector of machines and handiwork in sub suppliers. Cti srl through his high qualified inspectors controls the suppliers' productive ability and qualifies them according to the contractor's need. In addition we check production process and the product delivery by a quality management system so that it can be assured that the result satisfies the law in force and the CUStOmer's demand.

Control activity

We use the same expertise to check the assembling cycle where our technicians test the material, the welding, the CND operators qualifications, the non damaging tests and the certification of the results. We have a well equipped database with 600 professionals and different specializations which meet requirements from the customers.

Professionals with specialization

CTI srl supplies professionals with specialization in stocks safety management.