If you are looking to obtain a copy of a Section 106 agreement, there are a few steps you can take. Section 106 agreements are a type of document created in the United Kingdom that outlines planning obligations related to a development project. These agreements are often created as part of a planning application and can include requirements such as affordable housing provisions, environmental protections, and transportation improvements.

Here are some steps to follow to obtain a copy of a Section 106 agreement:

1. Identify the local planning authority

The first step is to identify the local planning authority responsible for the area where the development project is located. Check the planning portal website to get the contact information for the relevant local authority.

2. Submit a Freedom of Information request

Once you have identified the authority, you can submit a Freedom of Information (FOI) request. This request asks the authority to provide you with a copy of the Section 106 agreement, as they are required to do under the Freedom of Information Act.

3. Contact the developer

If the development project has been completed, or if the Section 106 agreement has been signed off by the local authority, you may be able to obtain a copy from the developer. Reach out to the developer or their representatives and request a copy of the agreement. They may be willing to provide it to you directly.

4. Check online resources

Some local authorities may provide access to planning documents like Section 106 agreements through an online portal. Check the authority`s website or planning portal to see if they have an online resource you can access.

By following these steps, you should be able to obtain a copy of the Section 106 agreement you are looking for. While the process may take some time, it is important to have access to this document if you are involved in a planning project or are interested in learning more about a specific development in your area.